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Business Building Clients - Projects Overview

  • The Following Lists Only a Selection of Significant MISSI Client and Project Examples:
  • Note: The following lists only a SELECTION of specific, different clients of MISSI with a brief description of the various types of projects undertaken in each case so as to present a general overview of the breadth and depth of experience within our portfolio. This list does not include all MISSI clients.

    ∑  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online - Bleeding-edge project serving a major player in the financial and brokerage services business regarding the upgrade of their web site from a basic CGI/Perl based system to a sophisticated BEA WebLogic Server Java based system.  Go Back

    ∑ Bank Of America. - 'Proof-Of-Concept' development project to produce a data application tool (VFP) for automating data exchange between local, PC based, primary database system and secondary, remote, out-sourced, mainframe based data processing service handling credit card transaction processing.  Go Back

    ∑ Providian Financial Corp. - Requirements Analysis, Conceptual Design and Project Management of the Systems Integration between, and the extension of, independent Human Resources database and Payroll database systems of fast growing credit-card financial services company.  Go Back

    ∑ Wells Fargo Bank - Project Management of a) the evaluation of the bank's commercial deposit account holding-clearing methods and related data management systems and of b) the subsequent modifications to and across Primary Banking Information Systems to capture float revenue.   Go Back

    ∑ Quaker OatsDeveloped IS analytical and graphical reportage tools for HR Management to compare product line employee benefits and payroll costs, by staffing grade and function, versus contract data.  Go Back

    ∑ Mortgage Information Corporation - Executed wide range of special purpose projects and production operations support against a warehouse of multi-gigabyte, monthly-results, mortgage-financials data tables, conceiving, developing and producing customized solutions.  Go Back

    ∑ Logistix - Full IS system development from concept to completion,   Go Back

    Safeway - Modified and extended FoxPro based client/server system, including an auto-data input/output interchange process using EDI to provide production and inventory management control tools.

    ∑ Health Sonics = Provided a complete manufacturing inventory and production system integrated with Contact and Sales Management tools.
    ∑ American Mayflower, NY = Full GL/AP/AR System for National Insurance company.
    ∑ Veterans H.A., VA = Full GL/AP/AR System for VA property management group.
    ∑ "Home of the 99Ę Video" = Integrated, GL/AP/AR/IV & Point-of-Sale System for video rental store company complete with inventory bar-coding.
    ∑ Saratoga Systems = GL/AP linked to LaserJet printed MICR Checking system for national rental storage company.   Go Back
    Property Services America = Developed complete business operations & management system for General Contractor and Real Estate Investment company.
    Borland International = QuatroPro Design Proofing; proving the LOTUS 123 Macro interchangeability & compatibility issues in QuatroPro.
    C21-LADD R/E = Designed complete Real Estate Propery Management and Accounting System to handle the company's investment portfolio business. 
    US Sprint = Designed comprehensive Inventory Management System (inc. Bar-coding) for resource and cost control Go Back