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Business Building Marketing Technical Operations Management Portfolio

Innovative Business, Technology and Product
Start-Up, Development, Turn-Around.

Bleeding-Edge Software and Hardware Systems
Product, Project, Operations and Business Management with
Systems Design, Development, Integration and Marketing Experience.

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  • Selected MISSI Client and Project Examples:
    Note: The following lists only a small selection of MISSI's clients chosen from our portfolio so as to present a general overview of the breadth and depth of experience within our portfolio. This list does not include all MISSI clients nor does it include all clients and/or situation handled over the years by our colleagues and associates.

    Verari Systems. Responsible for managing all business applications systems including ERP system integration of Arena PDM and UpShot CRM. ē Managed all DBA responsibilities, including MS SQL Reporting Services and MS SharePoint. ē Saved company $1.2M+ by developing customizations to expand scope of existing ERP as well as helping users become aware of existing previously unused features all to better serve business data needs thereby avoiding need for a CapEx to replace existing ERP. Go Back

    • QuadraMed. Handling all production and development data systems, including all DBA functions involving multiple MS SQL Server 2000 databases, with replication, together with data loading, analysis, reporting and business support systems using Visual FoxPro v7/v8/v9, for a highly-successful team specializing in Hospital Medical Billing Audit processes.
    Includes oversight of implementation of, and continuing development of, originally conceived, proprietary, software data application designed to handle automated-auditing of billed services and procedures. Compares actual billed and billable charges against contractual agreements for payment by related Insurance Carriers and includes functionality to enable calculations and management of major medical Insurance claims and collections for hospital services billing related to all forms of In and Out patient surgical and medical treatments of all types, descriptions and levels of complexity. User Application GUI developed based upon MS Access. Go Back

    • PeopleSoft, Inc. Various projects to expand core functionality of PeopleSoft 8 HRMS system to include capability to auto-manage staffing functions and to handle company property assignments to employees.
    Analyzed the company's international Hiring, Transferring and Terminating processes related to both permanent and contingent staffing functions and developed work-flow models for automating these functions within the framework of PeopleSoft 8 functionality.
    Analyzed the company's actual, disparate, methods of assigning and distributing the issue of different categories of company property to employees and developed a model for incorporating specific functionality into PeopleSoft 8 HRMS system to facilitate the effective 'inventory management' of that assigned company property in order to also facilitate recovery of such property as and whenever an employee transferred within, or left, the company. Certified in PeopleTools. Go Back

    • Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online. Bleeding-edge project serving a major player in the financial and brokerage services business regarding upgrading their web site from old style basic CGI/Perl based system to a sophisticated BEA WebLogic Server Java based system to provide greater access to potential investor client base to facilitate increasing market share.
    Performed evaluation of the existing core applications followed by development of new schemes for managing inter-related site elements through work-flow and page-flow tools using XML, Java, JSP and EJB (Visual Cafe). Explored new ideas and technologies for automating authentication of new clients applying for immediate brokerage business participation based upon using on-line digital signatures for binding contracts. Also used many "Rational" products including ClearCase, ClearQuest and Requisite Pro and Rational Rose and also Blaze Software for business rules implementation. Certified in Requisite ProGo Back

    Bank Of America. - Development project to produce a data application tool for automating data exchange between local, PC based, primary database system and secondary, remote, out-sourced, mainframe based data processing service handling credit card set-up processing so as to increase rate of building customer base.
    Created a method for automatically handling data interchange of information between local Account Setup group and the remote Account Processing service, eliminating redundant data entry processes, greatly improving reliability and freeing up resources for other profit centers and developed an Oracle back-end, browser based application for handling a complex, multiple entity, major account-reporting and management system. Also designed and implemented a system / procedure to control "Change" using an Oracle tool to track Help Desk Issues and manage the total ECR/ECO update process. Go Back

    • Providian Financial Corp. - Requirements Analysis, Conceptual Design and Project Management of the Systems Integration between, and the extension of, independent Human Resources database and Payroll database systems of fast growing credit-card financial services company.
    Developed the solution to enabling interactive correlation between the HR and Payroll systems respective data content using Visual FoxPro (VFP). Also Conceived and Developed an automated 'Query and Spreadsheet' "Reporting Functions" application - based upon the integration of a data mining process using client/server SQL in Visual FoxPro (v5.0) under Windows NT 4.0 to extract and feed data directly into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (Office '97' Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)) to provide a self-running data and graphical analysis profiler of the trend of "Daily Terminations" and "Head Count" by department.   Go Back

    • Wells Fargo Bank - Project Management of a) the evaluation of the bank's commercial deposit account holding-clearing methods and related data management systems and of b) the subsequent modifications to and across Primary Banking Information Systems to capture float revenue. ("Client Accounts") handling was redesigned to improve revenue stream and profitability of the bank's Wholesale business and Cash Management Services (particularly as Float relates to Bank Operations). Included dealing with various aspects of fundamental banking procedures, assorted deposit handling options and related IS data processing systems plus dealing with basic methodology differences in disparate data processing systems across several independent, inter-state, data-centers all rendered even more complex than convention in the aftermath of the First Interstate acquisition requiring the balancing of newer Tandem systems methods with older IBM systems and of legacy COBOL and Forth systems with modern UNIX and C/C++.  Go Back

    • Quaker OatsDeveloped IS analytical and graphical reportage tools for HR Management to compare product line employee benefits and payroll costs, by staffing grade and function, versus contract data. - Primarily developed in Visual FoxPro, (with supporting code in Visual Basic (VBA) internal to MS Office) - integrated data querying with data presentation to provide management with visibility, for salary and wages contract negotiations, of critical data regarding trends across multiple categories of labor and production costs, including related employee and union benefits payments, and including aggregation of data from multi-year source information collected in company's production mainframe MIS system. Go Back

    • Mortgage Information Corporation - Executed wide range of special purpose projects and production operations support against a warehouse of multi-gigabyte, monthly-results, mortgage-financials data tables, conceiving, developing and producing customized solutions - principally in VFP with some VBA/MS Office content - for this nationally recognized industry leader that provides detailed comparative performance and trend reporting and analytical processing of mortgage banking loan portfolios, private issue investment securities and loan-asset buy-out valuation services. Go Back

    • Logistix - Full IS system development from concept to completion, with fully detailed operating and technical support manuals and intensive system operator training, for a comprehensive, automatic, data-format interchange processing system (EDI) between the client's customers' source data and the company's internal production operations system.  Go Back

    • Safeway - Modified and extended FoxPro based client/server system, including an auto-data input/output interchange process run via multiple polling modems between main system and subsidiary locations, and enabling data exchange, in EDI formats, between corporate mainframe database system and LAN and WAN based workstations at interstate production plants and retail outlets to provide detailed accounting services, production and inventory management control tools, and comprehensive systems reports for business processes management, cost controls and effective p/l analysis.

    • Health Sonics = Provided a complete manufacturing inventory and production system integrated with Contact and Sales Management tools.
    • American Mayflower, NY = Full GL/AP/AR System for National Insurance company.
    • Veterans H.A., VA = Full GL/AP/AR System for VA property management group.
    • "Home of the 99Ę Video" = Integrated, GL/AP/AR/IV & Point-of-Sale System for video rental store company complete with inventory bar-coding.
    • Saratoga Systems = GL/AP linked to LaserJet printed MICR Checking system for national rental storage company.   Go Back
    • Property Services America = Developed complete business operations & management system integrated with Job Costing & Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory Management, Production Management and Contact Management systems with direct, ultra-secure, "M.I.C.R." multiple bank account LaserJet bank check printing on demand from blank check forms for General Contractor and Real Estate Investment company.
    • Borland International = QuatroPro Design Proofing; proving the LOTUS 123 Macro interchangeability & compatibility issues in QuatroPro.
    • C21-LADD R/E = Designed complete Real Estate Property Management and Accounting System to handle the company's investment portfolio business. Included provision for managing space and accommodation rental activities in assorted commercial, residential and hospitality properties together with management of physical property maintenance functions and included full accounting processes relating to costs of operations, revenue from rents and other sources together with requisite depreciation functions.
    • US Sprint = Designed comprehensive Inventory Management System (inc. Bar-coding) for resource and cost control relating to substantial leasehold investment in IS systems spread across the country in various business and TELECOM switching centers. Included all aspects from initial problem analysis and definition to conceptual resolution right on through actual programming processes and documentation with operating methods and procedures. Go Back

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