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Example of Hardware / Software Systems Integration and Product Management
This Automatic PC Board Tester was one of the most advanced complex system testers available.
When we took over the management of this product, it had been on the market for about 1 year and had been little short of a disaster for the company; it did not work as advertised and was extremely unreliable. Some customers had even started proceedings against the company because their issues were not being addressed. We developed a three pronged approach to the challenge of turning around the product and the customers: 1) Met with all of the customers to determine exactly what the problems were from their stand-point; what their expectations were in buying the machine in the first place and, at least as important, get agreement with all existing customers as to how to best resolve those issues from their standpoint; 2) Establish a re-design/re-work plan to create a machine that would meet expectations and specifications; 3) Bring back all machines in the field and replace with updated equipment. Net result, all actions were dropped; machines were reworked and replaced; launched the revised product at exhibitions across the US and also in Europe; developed press campaigns and provided Sales force with definitive training and new sales collaterals; won commendations from the business Media for the results delivered by the re-designed machines and, most importantly beyond recovering previously disgruntled and lost customers, ultimately gained significant additional sales, revenue, profit and goodwill.
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