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Building and Growing Business From Idea To Fully Operational Enterprise

This page is intended to give you an introduction to the overall scope of our background and experience in building and growing business from idea to fully operational enterprise. This scope encompasses broad business, product, project and advanced technology solutions development, operations management, original idea creative innovation and new market business development capabilities demonstrated by example reference to some familiar "Job Titles" and "Functions" as subject heads for topic discussion. We have included corresponding links to related issues in our Portfolio and to example diagrams and pictures of actual systems, products, projects or activities taken directly from situations we have handled within this scope for clients like you in business conducted on both sides of the Atlantic for international customers and with international and multinational resources.
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Our Management and Leadership Skills relate directly to clients' needs because we talk the same language and share the same experiences as those of our clients and systems users. We have, so to speak, "been there, done that" on both sides of the Atlantic in a great many and varied international business development situations during our own time in business. With this wealth of background and experiences to offer, so we can be most helpful to you in helping you with resolving whatever challenges you face and in developing solutions that directly address the specific business, engineering, marketing, operations, production, supply-chain, outsourcing, sub-contracting or resourcing issue as well as with process, project, product or any other of the myriad range of management situations that may confront you in your efforts to build your business. We have a great track record of creating very profitable answers to those confounding questions. We have solutions for handling the data, decision support or other business information resourcing issues as you see them and in helping you find and capitalize on opportunities, build market share and grow your profits. Click to create a Business Builder's Help Desk™ Inquiry NOW for a FREE Consultation to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives while also minimizing overhead and capitalization.

Business Management: A solid background of broad experience in creating innovative, practical solutions in areas of expertise ranging from the raw consulting types of work - as in developing conceptual solutions and implementing functional strategies for answering fundamental business management questions on the one hand, to the practical types of work - such as in designing and producing esoteric, state-of-the-art, sophisticated, capital equipment systems on the other. Go Back

Team Leadership: Amongst the many Tools of the Trade that we have used for creating a cohesive team is PERT analysis - ("Project Evaluation and Review Technique"). This method of tracking project activities started with the POLARIS development by the US Navy and has lead to the modern approaches to Critical Path Analysis (CPA) and to useful timeline, cost and resource management software packages such as Microsoft® Project Manager® which we have used extensively along with Lotus Notes®, and Sparta Systems TrackWise®, variously for Team management, issue tracking and resolution as well as for general project and business Information sharing. Go Back

Team Communications: Other tools of the trade that we have found to be most helpful in both local and international team and business management are the technologies of today that allow us to connect virtually face-to-face from our respective desks at a moments notice without actually having to waste time and energy making a journey to physically visit with each other. Such tools as Skype® & GoToMeeting® really facilitate very effective collaboration and objective accomplishment without ever leaving the office. Of course, there are many other very effective tools available to support communications, ensuring that essential information can be rapidly and clearly disseminated. For example, we have MS Visio® drawing / planning / charting tools; MS PowerPoint® and Astound® presentation tools. Charts and pictures of many kinds help convey the fundamental story of the project objectives, information and methods to team members and company executives alike - an essential part of effective communication. Go Back

Key Skills Summary:
Business Start-Up/Development/Turn-Around Management 20+
Operations, Supply Chain and Production Management 20+
Engineering, Marketing and Sales Management 20+
Innovative Product Development & Management 20+
IT/IS Systems Development and Management 20+
OEM Hardware/Software Systems Development 20+
BI & Decision Support Systems Development 20+
Data Management Systems Development 20+
Data Mining, Analysis & Tools Development 20+
Application Development - Client/Server & Browser Based 20+
Integrated Web-Site Development; eCommerce, B2B/B2C 20+
  Project Management: We have been using professional grade Project Management as a practical tool for coordinating both very diverse, complex and multi-disciplinary resources in many different work environments in our history; it is a set of skills we have honed over the years in conjunction with hands-on responsibilities in a variety of fields of endeavor in both the international and domestic arena of high technology systems development. A little known fact is that the Project Management methods used today, and promoted so successfully by the Project Management Institute (PMI), originated with the Polaris Missile Systems Development, a joint US/UK Navy project. The complexity of that undertaking was extraordinary immense, requiring the careful management and coordination of time, materials, personnel and funding of international resources and technology across three continents. Consequently, we benefited in gaining the highest level of Project Management skills through working directly with the people who created, knew and used the tools and the subject first hand. Go Back

Product Management: The ongoing needs of management to proactively monitor, and act upon, trends in product sales, production costs, inventory levels and overall profit margins can be understood from our own direct experiences in this area of Profit and Loss responsibility; one example being the time we launched a sophisticated, Sun Microprocessor driven, Unix based, hardware / software integrated, Automatic Test Equipment capital equipment product both nationally and internationally. Go Back

Operations Management: For another example of how experience plays into relating to your needs as a client, our past responsibilities in managing production staff comprised of several different unions helped us in understanding the needs one of our clients' had for evaluating their production costs and historical trends, including benefits costs, prior to their salary contract negotiations with their staff representatives. Go Back

Systems Integration has been a major aspect of much of our project management experience. We have been responsible for a very wide range of different types of system integration activity raging from integrating major software systems across multiple platforms to integrating hardware and software systems in automation and process control capital equipment systems. Go Back

Business Solutions: Some projects call for nothing more than working with the client in the application of basic logical and analytical skills - purely intellectual exercises - as in, for example, creating functional IS tools to help increase profits and reduce operational costs by solving a functional problem such as enabling direct data input into a company IS system from clients' sales order data files using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) whereas other projects are intensely practical, in-the-trenches work such as in the development of new production plant. Go Back

Testimonials & Accomplishments: Many situations call for a combination of team-leadership, analytical skills and planning abilities together with practical first hand experience that comes only from first working for many years in the same real world situations that our clients' face daily. We came into IS/IT and MIS systems consulting only after first developing experience solving our own IS and business development challenges while engaged in a variety of full-time, executive and line-management roles in a broad range of business environment from the entrepreneurial start-ups to fully fledged, multi-national corporations. The value delivered to our clients is evidenced by the many significant accomplishments and very favorable testimonials we have received in the course of serving the needs of many different clients in many different types of business enterprise. Go Back
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