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Capital Equipment Systems Development

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Example of Hardware / Software Systems Integration
Leading-Edge Technology, Capital Equipment Systems Development

Build A Business - Capital Equipment Systems Schematic Picture
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The TOKOMAK (yes, Tokomak is spelt with "K") Fusion Test Reactor, shown in schematic above, one of several concurrent US, European and Japanese "fusion reaction" research projects being undertaken around the world to develop methods for generating electricity from safer fusion reaction process instead of from fission reaction which is the riskier method of using nuclear fuel rods as is the case in all currently operating nuclear power stations.

Shown here is the doughnut shaped inner "vacuum vessel" core of the reactor around which various "toroidal" and equilibrium" magnetic field coil systems are spiral-wrapped so as to produce the "plasma containment" system that energizes, confines and controls the reaction process within the reaction chamber. The equipment shown on the preceding page is one of many similar power units that provide and control the high-energy pulsed electric current feed to the coils.

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