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About The Business Builder's Help Deskô.

    Why Using The Business Builder's Help Deskô will Help You Grow Your Business.

Saved $1.2M for one Manufacturing Business client. Increased the Sale Value of Retail Business client by 530%. Turned around another Manufacturing business saving a $13M investment. Increased asset utilization by 12% for Telecom client. Recovered 8 customers and generated $12M in new sales for another client. And much more ......

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We provide resources ~ meaning expertise, people and tools ~ tailored to meet your needs to help answer your business turn-around, growth and opportunity questions.  Go Back

Founded in 1991 by Peter Beddows following upon the sale of PayRite, a start-up payroll services bureau company, and following upon many years of immersion in various positions of P/L responsibility in a variety of bleeding-edge advanced technology development and production businesses on both sides of the Atlantic with international customer markets, "The Business Builder's Help Desk™" emerged from Management Information Systems Solutions & Initiatives®, otherwise referred to as MISSI®, and we have been providing ingenious, innovative, practical, cost-effective, profit generating answers to a broad range of business opportunity questions from aggregate experiences gained in creating, leading and growing many different types of bleeding-edge technology ventures on both sides of the Atlantic.

The MISSI team is comprised of a number of equally skilled, knowledgeable and capable people who, together, bring many additional years of in-the-trenches experiences, specializations and expertise that both compliment and add to the scope of the founder. Our team is all about getting results with sleeves rolled up ready for immediate and direct action.

With this background of entrepreneurial success, we help you collect, analyze and turn data and information about your business and industry into ideas, strategies and tactics leading to marketable and profitable solutions. We help you plan and execute: We take care for you of those things in your plan that would require additional investment resources you do not have by enabling you instead to out-source, sharing use of resources that we provide thereby minimizing your need for additional capital.  Go Back

What is the greatest challenge to the growth of your own business? Tell us so we can get going on helping you reach your goals. Do that now =>here.