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Example of Hardware / Software Systems Integration and Product Management
New Business Development - Investor Demonstration Prototype

Build A Business - Market Opportunity Creative Solution Development Concept Picture
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Automated high level Security Access Control using credit-card style ID's with authorized user's photo.
This model was the precursor to the establishment of a new business division and was also the precursor to all of today's Security Access Control Systems that use a Credit Card style access key for an Authorized User to automatically gain access to a Secure Area. Access could also be managed Manually by a watchful Security Person. By also having a photo of the user on the card, a Security Person, operating this side of the secure entry wall, could compare the facial appearance of the person attempting access with a photo of that person that would appear automatically on the screen located above the entrant visual check window - the black square showing in the wall is a window - as well as comparing with the photo on the card itself with the entrant person and the photo on this side of the wall. Inside this cubicle/other side of the wall you can see here,was a double set of turn-stile type gates that securely retained the person attempting entry until released - forward or backwards - by the Security Person.
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