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eBeam Linear Accelerator

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Example of Hardware / Software Systems Integration Project
Leading-Edge Technology, Capital Equipment Systems Development

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Computerized, high beam power, microwave driven, Electron Beam Research Linear Accelerator
Successfully developing and producing Linear Accelerator systems involves one of the most complex integrations of the broadest scope of technologies into a deliverable product. It requires understanding and working with the gamut of technology from the esoteric to the mundane: For example, from particle physics to mechanical assembly; from micro-electronics to heavy power engineering; from microwave power systems to DC; from electroforming to very high precision machine work; from ultra high vacuum component construction to inert atmosphere brazing. The market for such products ranges from Cancer Therapy machines to Food Irradiation and Medical Product Sterilization systems and from Plastics Polymerisation systems to the Large Hadron Colider just recently activated at CERN in Europe.
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